Taurus Horoscope Predictions 2019

Taurus Love Life, Career, Money, Health 2019

Taurus people are self-confident, calm and hardworking by nature. Their element is earth and their ruler is Venus. The year 2019 can be a happy year for you. Although there will be some fluctuations, everything will turn out fine.

At the beginning of the year you need to be a little careful. You may be more sensitive, emotionally, so romantic relations need to be taken special care of, because you may end up hurt. Married people should express their full faith in their life partner or otherwise they may cause some bitterness or sorrow in relations.

In the last week of January, Saturn’s zodiac change its position, which can increase your problems. At this time, trusting fate and not working hard can prove to be a big mistake. Saturn is a fair god, so you will get the result of hard work. Promotions are expected on the workplace but you will need to be restrained because the possibilities of creating differences with senior officials are also strong. The impact of widow is expected to fall on your karmakashetra, your honor and your name. If there is a case pending in the court and the outcome is expected, then this decision may not come in your favor.

Even though professional life may be hard on you, things on the personal front are going to be great. You can get a lot of happiness from the children’s side.

April may not be auspicious for you. During this time your chances of an increase in expenses will be strong, so that you might also face difficult economic conditions. You will also need to be alert about health, especially heat related diseases, since they might have an adverse effect on your health. This time may also be harmful for the health of your mother, but it is possible to be good for your siblings. However, at the same time, the guru will remain in Virgo, which means that you are likely to get proper advice from relatives.

September is likely to be very lucky for you. While staying where you are, you can achieve victory, all the while defeating your enemies. You may also gain an interest in some religious activities. A family event also might need your time and help.

The only problem being that this period of fortune won’t last very long. Only three days after Rahu-Ketu’s zodiac changes, Jupiter will also change its position, which means that problems may appear again. Before taking any important decision at this time, consult your loved ones, or elders whom you trust.

People of Taurus believe in maintaining mood and stability in their relationships. You are romantic, loving and attractive to everyone. In the case of love affairs, the year 2019 may not be very eventful, but you need to stay on your guard. In fact, in the beginning of the year, the zodiac lord Venus has a device connection with Ketu, which is showing signs of increasing distance with the partner. Unmarried lovers will need to take special care of their partner’s feelings. Married people should also trust and support their partner, in order to prevent their relationship from getting sour.

If you have concealed something from your partner, it may be better to confess at this time. In April your love life will change for the better. You will move forward with a new energy. For couples considering having children, this might be an auspicious time.

In September, Rahu-Ketu’s zodiac signs are also likely to be auspicious for you. On 12th September, with the zodiac sign of the master, there may be some confusion. The months since October may be a little difficult for you. Therefore, it is advisable for you to consult the scholars of the astrologers and make sure to avoid the negative effects of the planets so that you can enjoy your love life in 2019.

In the case of health, Taurus is rich in a strong body, but neck, tongue, ear infections take to you very quickly. There is a possibility of increasing weight. In the year 2019 you may need to pay a little more attention to your health. In the beginning of the year, it would be better to improve dietary habits, especially in the beginning of the year. If you stay away from mischief then you can enjoy a healthy life.

At the end of January your mental health may be affected, and you might undergo some stressful situations. You will have to be cautious towards the health of the family. Saturn will be free for a while in April, but curvature in Mercury’s Aries can be detrimental to your health. At this time there will be a need to be cautious about heat related diseases. Your concern for your mother’s health may also increase. Be careful about infectious diseases till September. If yoga, cycling, swimmers become part of your daily routine, you can avoid most diseases.

In September, there won’t be any adverse effects on your health, but from October you will start the fasting of Saturn, which will make your health fluctuate. At this time, if your routine remains sluggish you may have to bear the brunt of it.

To enjoy a healthy life, start practicing yoga and work on anger management. Keep your food protein rich. If you stay away from meat and paneer substances, it is good to use sesame, pulse, fish etc. for better protein. If you feel any kind of problem may be sprouting in your neck region, do not avoid it at all.

Taurus people are good at making money as well as saving it, but they say that human beings are slaves of circumstances, it is possible that the beginning of 2019 will be financially detrimental for you, if you have suffered a loss recently. If so, you will not remain untouched in 2019. You may have to something actively to improve your financial condition. Especially the business people who do not trust destiny, but always try to get their goals in full steadfastness.

The beginning of the year 2019 can be economically challenging for you. If you get the opportunity, in the business sphere, you should definitely take it up. In the first week of April, where you will get some freedom from the curve of Saturn, then curvature of Mercury’s Aries can increase your expenses. This can obviously force you to go through a financial crisis. But at the same time the guru will also be in Virgo, indicating that any of your relatives, friends can extend their help in these wretched circumstances, so that you can get out of this bad phase.

In September, you may come into some money unexpectedly. Business may also get profitable. Investments made at this time are expected to be beneficial for you, but don’t let it get to your head since it won’t last very long. Wrong steps taken at this time may have overbearing consequences. Your chances of gaining profits, unfortunately, would be greatly reduced. 2019 may not turn out to be a great year for you, financially, but if you consult scholars and expert astrologers, you can avoid the obstacles and negative effects of Jupiter and Saturn.

Taurus people are very successful businessmen, and they can also play the role of a good financial advisor and banker. They have a lot of creativity and artistry, especially in the field of music, especiallu females. If you try a Taurus to get you to help in something property related, the project will turn out successful. In the year 2019, Taurus people may have to work hard to get their goals.

From the beginning of the year 2019, they may have to go through tough situations to meet the criteria and finish work on deadlines. Selecting a career path may be a dilemma for you this year Those who want a government job will need to work very hard to pass the competitive examinations. Those who have already got employment in government or private sector may face some pressures at their work. Differences can also arise with the high officials at the workplace.

From the end of January to the first week of April, you may have to be very careful since there is a possibility of problems at work. During this time, your reputation can also be harmed. Those people who do own a business, need to be careful about their behavior towards their employees. Your competitors may gain the limelight, causing you some trouble. In April, the widow of Saturn will end for a few months but curvature of Mercury in Aries can create financial problems for you. You may have a project you aren’t able to move forward with, due to shortage of money. But soon, with the help and advice of loved ones, you’ll be able to bring your career back on track.

In September, due to the change in Rahu-Ketu, you can get a very good opportunity for your career, provided you succeed in seizing this opportunity. But only after three days will Jupiter change the zodiac, due to which you can start dodging obstacles in your career again. The last quarter of the year can not be called very encouraging in terms of careers. Contact T C Sharma, the renowned astrologer to help avoid obstacles in your path, to make 2019 a prosperous year for you.