Scorpio Horoscope Predictions 2019

Scorpio Love Life, Career, Money, Health 2019

Being a Scorpio, you’re a resourceful, brave and passionate person. As a downside you can be secretive and get jealous easily. Your element is water, and your rulers are Pluto and Mars. The year 2019 is expected to be mixed for Scorpio people. The beginning of the year may be good, but as soon as Saturn changes the zodiac sign in the end of January, the Saturn of Saturn will also enter the third phase. The possibilities of decreasing an accident can be strong with you at this time. It is advisable for you to take special care while driving. You can not be right about driving at high speed. Reading Hanuman Chalisa on Saturday can be beneficial for you. It is not that at this time everything will be bad for you, but as time goes on, the likelihood of getting such benefits can also increase.

In April, there is a possibility of a dispute with Mercury arriving in the Aries, it is better for you to stay away from any kind of debate and restrain your speech. At the same time, due to the curvature of Saturn, you may face some old enemies even though you can deal with these situations with your own understanding. At this time the yoga of travel will also be made for you but be careful that the danger of crashing is also likely to hover on your head. At the same time in the working life, this time can be called auspicious for you, Yoga can also be promoted in the job. If your money has stopped somewhere for the last few years then you can also get an idea of ​​it. The time till September is expected of you to be ashamed and fluctuated. But with the change of Rahu-Ketu in the middle of the second week of September, the yoga of change in the workplace can be made. If you are dissatisfied with the current job then there is a better chance you can get this time. You may also have to do small trips for a short time. But during the journey, keep your luggage specially handled by papers, the possibilities of missing are strong. Along with this, Jupiter will also change its zodiac sign later this week, but its impact on Scorpio people is expected to be negligible. The possibilities of missing are strong. Along with this, Jupiter will also change its zodiac sign later this week, but its impact on Scorpio people is expected to be negligible. The possibilities of missing are strong. Along with this, Jupiter will also change its zodiac sign later this week, but its impact on Scorpio people is expected to be negligible.

At the end of October, leaving your zodiac in full, Saturn can start the auspicious time in your life. This is the time in which you can find the right way to reach the destination. For those who prepare students and competitive examinations, this time can be a success.  

In the case of love, the year 2019 can be called good for you. Scorpio people can get plenty of opportunity to establish new relationships at this time. But at the end of January, with the zodiac changes of Saturn, you will start the third phase of Satesati on Saturn. This time, you point out to new possibilities in your love life, but it is not necessary that this relation is honest. At this time some people can also cheat in love. But as time goes on, your relationship can also be intensified. Especially the married life of married people is likely to be good.

In April, due to the curvature of Saturn and Mercury, there may be some soreness in relations, but if you keep abstinence over your speech. If you do not come in the way of others and keep your confidence in your partner, then you can enjoy the love and happiness of Prem jivan.

With the passage of Mercury in May, if for some reason the relationship had created a soreness, then it could try to remove it. However, you may have to make changes in your behavior for this. By the end of September, the time fluctuation is expected.

With the change of Rahu-Ketu in September, you can plan to travel somewhere along with your partner, but if you travel in your own vehicle, then control the speed of the vehicle. Driving the vehicle at high speed can make the excitement of your journey sad. After the Rahu-Ketu, there will also be a change in Jupiter’s amount, but for you it is expected to remain the same. But at the end of October, as soon as Saturn will completely freeze your zodiac, efforts to bridge all the cracks in your relationship can also be painted. In the remaining time of the year, hope you enjoy love life plenty.

In the year 2019 the health of Scorpio people is expected to be good. You can start the year with a new energy. At the end of January, with the change of Saturn, the third phase of Sadhasati will be started. During this time you need to be careful about a bit. Physically your health is likely to be good, but the chances of accident can increase. Therefore, you will need to take special care while driving. Driving a fast vehicle can cause your accident. Therefore, take special care of this. You can also read Hanuman Chalisa on Saturday to avoid this.

By the end of April, it can be said to be good overall for health but due to the curvature of Saturn, Mercury and Venus in April, you can feel some change in your nature. At this time you will be especially needed to keep your voice restrained. You can get angry even on minor things, so it will be better if you keep your anger in control. At this time, your blood pressure may also be high, so take immediate medical advice when symptoms appear from the slightest. By September, this fluctuation in your health is likely to be intact. Also be aware of your health while traveling.

You can have some physical problems with Rahu-Ketu’s zodiac changes in September. If you have symptoms like headache or dizziness, then do not take them lightly, consult a close doctor about this. Jupiter will change the amount in September itself, but it is unlikely to have any effect on your health. As soon as Saturn will leave your zodiac in October, you are likely to get rid of all your diseases and improve your health.

Overall, it can be expected that in 2019, you can avoid accident if you follow the speed and control of your vehicle during the voyages. If the minor seasonal diseases are left out, then this year is likely to be very healthy for you.

Financially, 2019 is expected to be less positive and negative for you. In the beginning of the year, business people can get very good profits. People who are employed can also feel prosperity in their standard of living. However at the end of January you will have to face some difficulties due to Saturn’s change. By the way, Shani will leave your zodiac at this time but it will be the beginning of the third phase of Saturn of Saturn, running on you. During this time, you may have to suffer some losses, but as time goes on, you can also gain opportunities to earn profit.

In April, due to Saturn’s curvature, your enemy can get financially harmed. At the same time curve in Mercury’s aries can also force you to make some such decisions, due to which you get financial status. In such a situation, it will be better for you to control restraint and anger in your speech, and consult with scholars of the astrologers, take measures to avoid the negative effects of Saturn. If your money is stopped somewhere then it can be called auspicious time to get it out.

By the way, financial instability can continue for you by October, but by the end of August you may start getting some positive signs. The change of Rahu-Ketu in September can also bring you some better opportunity. You may also need to make changes at this time, so that your expenditure may also increase. In October, Saturn will go ahead by leaving your zodiac in full, though it will be the final step for you for a half century, but you may have to be told the steps of your good days.

In the case of career, you are expected to get the fruits of your hard work in 2019. In the beginning of the year, you can get better opportunities to show your talent, in which you can expect success. However, due to the change of Saturn in late January, the clouds of sudden disappointment may also come in. But over time, these clouds can also be seen scattering you.

It is time to start a fun and fun time from the beginning of April to the end of August. At this time your enemies can try to get your reputation hurt. At the same time, you may have to make trips for work only, which can be painful for you. The reason for this may be the curve of Saturn and Mercury.

Therefore, you may need to reconsider the changes in your behavior at this time. Also, it is better if you do not fall into the debate of extravagant. The most impact of the curvature of Mercury is expected to fall on your voice, indicating that you can spoil your business relationship with bitter words or you can lose your promotion opportunity by arguing with senior officials at the workplace. At the same time, you may have to face an old enemy even though you may be able to control all the possibilities with a little understanding. Some people can get promotions on their own self-knowledge.

With the passage of Saturn in August, you will certainly do the work with some positive energy, but you can take some more time to catch your real speed. Rahu-Ketu’s change in September is likely to be good for you. You can do some successful business trips at this time but keep the necessary papers during the journey.

In October, Saturn will leave your zodiac, but the effect of the half-century will remain on you. However here you can also get a good time and you can get some good news about your career. The remaining time of the year can be called good and it is said that if the end is good then all good will.

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