Leo Horoscope Predictions 2019

Leo Love Life, Career, Money, Health 2019

2019 is expected to be very auspicious for the people of the same zodiac. The King of the year is the sun that is the owner of lion money. You can get some opportunities this year in which you can get work from your enemies too.

Saturn change can be a good start for you in the last week of January. Saturn of Pancham is going to increase your confidence, but if you work with your intellect and discretion then you can move forward in your life’s path of progress. However, on the first weekend of February, you will need to be a little careful as soon as Brihaspati becomes a female child. There can be a dispute about property in the family, but there is also full potential that the decision will be in your favor at the end of this dispute, that is, you are in full swing to get benefits in this dispute. At the same time, in the beginning of the year 2019, it may be special for you that in the first few months government schemes can benefit you. Even if you are celebrating the dream of your home, then this dream can be fulfilled in this time also.

But you also need to be cautious about physical health. Minor illnesses can cause problems for you. Emotional forms can also hurt you, especially after being cheated in love, you may be tense for some time. If you have thought of stopping in the formulas, then there is also a possibility of a disruption in your marriage. In fact, being curved of Mercury and Saturn in April can weaken your self-confidence and disrupt your concentration, due to which you may be able to make some wrong decision. Therefore, this advice is for you at this time that your mind should not wander and meditation and Be sure to take some time for yoga too.

After that, the time of September can once again cause difficulties for you. From here you will need to keep your every step going. In fact, in the middle of the second week of September, Rahu-Ketu will change their amounts, which can not be called auspicious for you at all. However, Jupiter’s amount of change on the weekend will be in your power but it will not be able to do anything special for you, especially in personal life. By the end of the year you can remain suspicious, even an unconscious fear can haunt you. Your self-confidence is also expected to be weak and can also affect your health. You may find some good news in the business life. But the last part of 2019 may not be encouraging for you.

Overall, the beginning of the year is expected to be good for you, but the end of the year can not be called auspicious for you.

Lion love horoscope 2019

In the case of love for the villagers, the year 2019 is expected to be less tragic and more pleasant. Even in the early part of the year, you may get plenty of opportunity to establish a new relationship but the chances of this relationship will last for a long time. Actually change of Saturn in the last week of January is likely to be good for your love life too. Those people who are unmarried and have not yet fallen in love with anybody, they can prove to be coming to bring this very golden opportunity.

In the beginning of February, being curved in the daughter of a guru, you can expect to be strong in your relationship. Although being busy in other things may be difficult to get time for your partner, but with a little knowing you can take your partner into confidence. As soon as Mercury and Saturn are in April, you can suddenly see your love relationship may be lost or you lose your faith from your partner or you know the truth of your partner and you begin to feel relieved of your relationship. Overall, at this time, you will need to keep your senses in check so that you do not take any wrong decisions when you come into a charge. Also, it will be better if you prepare yourself to bear the love of love. If you are thinking of stopping in the formulas, then there may be a disruption in your marriage yoga.

With the passage of Mercury in May, you can expect a new ray of interview. By September you can enjoy love life with sweet relationships again. But in the middle of the second week of September, Rahu will be at 12th place with your zodiac sign, which can be a loss for you. At this time you can also be apprehensive about your love affairs. On weekends, Jupiter will also make changes in your zodiac, which can once again give you a sense of better relationship. But by the end of the year, the state of confusion is expected to continue.

Overall love 2019 can not be said to be very enthusiastic for you but says that the real fun of life comes only when it has fluctuations, straight flat and simple life can bring a lot of borea, so all the ups and downs You can hope for a better love life by combining it with you.

Lion health horoscope 2019

In the year 2019, in the sense of health, the lion may need to be slightly conscious. Although leaving minor body problems for the first 6 months of the year can be expected to be good. But to maintain mental health, you have to have some extra caution. Actually changing the amount of Saturn at the end of January is likely to be good for your health. During this time if you are facing a lot of mental problems then you can get rid of them. Being educated in the daughter of a guru in February, you can be concerned about the health of the family, especially the health of the brothers and sisters. In April, due to the curvature of Mercury and Saturn, small fat diseases can bother you, and you may get stressed by cheating on someone special.

However, with the passage of Mercury in the first week of May, you can feel healthy and communicate a new energy in yourself. The time till September is expected to be quite energetic for you. But in the middle of the second week of September, you can get some health related challenges, along with Rahu-Ketu’s zodiac changes. Your health might be a concern for someone close to you. At the end of this week, the guru will also change his zodiac sign. In such a situation, your worries may increase due to your younger siblings or children’s health.

Your health will continue to fluctuate during the remainder of the year. You may have to leave for 2019 on sick condition. To avoid the negative impact of the planets, consult the scholars and astrologers to make appropriate measures so that they can spend 2019 with good health with good positive energy.

Lion money horoscope 2019

In 2019, the financial status of the Lehn people is expected to be mixed. In the first half of the year where it is expected to be very encouraging, in the latter case, their justice can stumble. At the end of January month Saturn will make changes which can be said to be auspicious for the Lions. At this time, they may be willing to take any risk, which is also expected to earn huge profits. There is a possibility of substantial profit in property related matters. If there is a dispute about the ancestral property, then the decision can also come in your favor, which will help you to strengthen your financial situation. Apart from this, you can get benefits from government schemes at the same time. If you have planned to build your own house, then it is also appropriate for the person to apply it.

In April, due to the curve of Mercury and Saturn, you may need to walk a little bit. Keep your pockets right now, there are chances of wasteful expenditure going up. If you do not invest this time, it would be better if there are more potential benefits, then you can go ahead with advice from the experts but this time can not be said to be suitable for investment. In fact, the ability to make your decision at this time can be negatively impacted by the effects of planets, so it will be good to decide whatever decision you take.

The time from May to September can bring some good news again, but your anxiety may increase from the second week of September. Rahu will come to your house from 12th house, which is a sign of financially harmful for you. After this, Jupiter will be in your power in the weekend, which can be economically good for you. The remaining time of 2019 is likely to be right for you. No more enthusiastic or more unimaginable.

Overall, the year 2019 can prove to be a good year for you, as long as you can get the proper remedies to avoid the negative effects of planets,

Lion career horoscope 2019

For the sake of careers, the foundation for the future of the future this year is expected to be strong. In the beginning of the year, only Leela jatak can take full advantage of attractive opportunities. Actually change of Saturn at the end of January can be very lucky for the villagers. If there are results of competitive examinations at this time you can get a chance to celebrate. Also, the people who want to go to interview somewhere can beat their confidence. It may be time for business people to make time for advancement. The people who are connected with dream transactions are also likely to get profits. Dreams of some people who are waiting for government jobs are also expected to come true.

In April, curvature of Mercury and Saturn can create problems in your working life. At this time it may be difficult for you to focus on your work. It is also possible that you take any wrong decision due to the disorientation in your mind. That is why you are advised to know how to avoid the negative effects of curvature Mercury and Saturn, but be sure to consult with scholars of the astrologers.

It will be better to work calmly even under severe circumstances and do not tell anyone about such a thing, so that their feelings can get hurt. Because true friends are your work in times of trouble. Mercury’s curvature in May may give some relief to you. If the problem is left untimely, the time till September can be called good in terms of your career, but in the middle of the second week of September, staying in the 12th position of Rahu can increase your career hindrances. However, on the weekend, the amount of change of the master is going to increase your feat, so that the obstacles of your career can be overcome. But at this time you may need to be with your colleagues, friends and family. At this time your ability to maintain relationships can also be examined The remaining time of the year is expected to be normal in terms of working life.

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