Gemini Horoscope Predictions 2019

Gemini Love Life, Career, Money, Health 2019

Your element is air, and your ruler is Mercury.  You’re an affectionate and adaptable person, but can be nervous and inconsistent. The people of Gemini are often friendly. They are very attracted to the opposite sex too soon, and attracting them too soon. In the year 2019, your charm will take you places and help you impress people. In the beginning of the year, if you do any work with a senior’s help, you are likely to gain benefits. This year you may have to accept new jobs and new challenges.

The effect of the zodiac sign of Saturn is expected to be mixed on the people of Gemini. Saturn will be at the seventh position in your zodiac, due to which you may remain in a state of confusion. Disagreements can arise with a spouse, but if you take care of your partner’s feelings then their support can be obtained.  

You can face many difficulties in the month of April, so be careful about everything from behavior to business. Indeed, at this time, the zodiac lord, both Mercury and Saturn, will be the same. You may also want to change your work or place. Being Saturn’s Curve, you may have to work a lot to reach goals. You might also hesitate to take decisions or be in a state of confusion. A well thought out decision made at this time may reap great benefits in the future.It is advisable for you to consult the learned astrologers to find ways to avoid the negative effects of Saturn and Mercury.

If you keep working hard then you will have to be alert of the change of Rahu-Ketu in September. At this time you may suffer loss of money, competition or jealousy in the field of work, and people can also try to hurt you. But the people looking for possibilities abroad will not be disappointed. Foreign travel is in the cards. Only three days after the change of Rahu-Ketu, Jupiter will also change its zodiac sign. With the influence of Jupiter you can get some good news from your children. Jupiter’s change can prove to be fortunate for your profit.

Altogether, you can say that you can spend 2019 as a wonderful year with new work, new places and new challenges.

2019 can prove to be a great year for love too. Gemini people are rich have an attractive personality. Also, this is a wonderful time for those wanting to start a romantic relationship.Love doesn’t exist without conflict, however, so without separation it is difficult to understand the feeling of union and the importance of a partner.

There is a chance of getting sidelined by a partner. Especially the unmarried lover should be a little careful and not do anything that will ruin your partner’s trust or hurt their feelings. With these taken care of, your beginning can be memorable. Some lovers who were unable to make any decision about relationship can take a decision to further their relationship and can also bond this year.

In April, the zodiac masters will once again be curved. At this time you may see instability in your relationship again, but after the departure of Mercury from the first weekend of May, happiness will return to your relationship. In the middle of the second week of September you may have to face temptation again in your love life, but these problems won’t last long. At the same time, with the change of guru, your love life will be back on track again.If you’re planning on having a child, this year might be  a great time. By the end of the year, good news from children may be found.  

Gemini has a strong physical structure and often a stunning smile stuck on their face. Say good health is our real wealth, so in the year 2019 this wealth is expected to be safe and secure. Your health is expected to be good in the year 2019 but on some occasions there may be circumstances in which your negligence can invite some serious disease. In the very beginning of the year, you have to be cautious. Especially avoid excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

In the second week of January, you will feel better, but in the end of January you may feel some tension with the amount of change in Saturn, but yoga can be practiced to get rid of it. Your health will return to wellness completely, in May.

With the change of life of Rahu-Ketu in September, you may have to worry about the health of some kin but you can recover from this crisis even after the change of Jupiter after three days. In the remaining time of the year, you can enjoy a healthy life.

Overall, in the year 2019, according to your health horoscope, it can be said that the normal illnesses that come with the change of weather won’t affect you. You can spend the whole year with better health. But you have to be alert when the zodiac masters become curative.

In the case of money, the year 2019 may start from the increase in expenses, but from the second week of the new year, you can feel better about your financial situation. You can live up to this year’s new work and new challenges. In that sense, it can be said that you can get plenty of opportunities to earn money but also have to take risks for it. Take a little caution in case of land related transactions, otherwise some loss may be incurred.

In the month of April, when the effects of Saturn and Mercury are inevitable, if you succeed in making some good decisions, you’ll reap great benefits, but if not, you may have to face some damages. Particularly business people will need to walk with great discretion. After this, your financial situation may fall stale in September. This is a time where you’ll have to be cautious and alert. Immediately after that, planets will change their position, which is going to earn you profits.

The personality of Gemini is very friendly. Careers where you have to deal with people may attract them. Gemini also takes a lot of interest in education, journalism, non-social organizations etc. Year 2019 is the year to develop new possibilities in terms of careers. You can develop your abilities as well as face new challenges and new responsibilities. Your respect for the workplace is likely to increase. Whether they are students in the field mentioned above, or are looking for jobs, they can be successful. It is also possible for business people to have a year full of progress.

At the beginning of the new year, because the zodiac lord is making a connection with the sun in the transit of Mercury,  the guidance of senior colleagues or officials, or their opinion, can help you achieve success at the workplace. Advancement can be expected. At the end of January, Saturn will be in seventh place after change, whose combined effects are likely to fall on your zodiac sign.

The effect of curvature of Mercury and Saturn in April may also affect your working life. Take a little bit of time, and be patient. Be wary of enemies and follow the instructions of senior officials at the workplace. You may also have to do some extra work. But in the first week of May, due to mercury, some pressure may be relieved.

By the end of September, everything is expected to be fine again, but Rahu-Ketu’s change can lead to loss in business. This time is not auspicious for the people involved in business of properties, so be careful about land deals. Any obstacles in your work at this time can be dealt with easily. By the end of the year you may be able to touch new heights.

Overall, the year 2019 can bring happiness to your career, provided you make the right decisions about appropriate opportunities at the right time.

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