Capricorn Horoscope Predictions 2019

Capricorn Love Life, Career, Money, Health 2019

Your element is the Earth, which shows how grounded you are in reality. Your ruling planet is Saturn, and your secret desire is to be admired by friends and family, and the world, at large. Year 2019 may prove to be a better year for you. You can start the year with great fanfare. But this time you will need to control your speech because of the curvature of Mercury’s sagittal zodiac sign. At this time if you are planning to change the present job or you want to change the house or go for an interview then if possible, postpone it for some time. If you have to go, then you must be careful to avoid the negative effects. On the way of Mercury which will go soon, you can get success in these tasks.

At the end of January, with the zodiac change of the zodiac lord Saturn, you will be the first pilgrimage of Sadhasati. Since Saturn is your wealth owner, it is not a loss for you, but it is likely to be fruitful in general.

On the other hand, in the daughter-in-law of Jupiter in February, the likelihood of having stomach disorders can increase. You must pay attention to your diet. Be careful in taking decisions, because of the curvature of Jupiter, your intellect can be negative and you can also take some wrong decisions.

In April, Mercury will be curly in Aries and Saturn will also be curved. At the same time, the effect of Mercury’s onset is expected to be normal, Saturn will also be partly beneficial for you.

If you get Jupiter’s way in June, your problems are likely to be resolved, especially the problems arising from your health can be overcome at this time and you can do the work with a new energy. The entry of Mars in Cancer near the second week of July can activate your enemies so that some momentary obstacles can appear.

In the middle of the second week of September, Ketu will enter your zodiac. This time can be a bit painful in the beginning but after some time you can use it to achieve great success. But Ketu is also the cause of snakebite many times, so take special care of your health. To avoid snakebite, Lord Shiva can be worshipped. Along with this, coming to Jupiter’s Libra on this weekend can be called your Bhagyodaya. At this time you are likely to get benefits in every area of ​​life. Progress is likely to appear in your career and financial life. You can also have a tendency towards religious rituals at this time. People in love can also create bonds during this time.

In October, change of Saturn could compensate for the losses in the beginning of the year. Students are expected to have great grace of Jupiter for the whole year.

Overall, the year 2019 can be a great year for you. Consult the scholars with the astrologers and try to avoid the negative effects of planets, be conscious of their health. Success in the path of economic advancement and love can be at your feet.

This year is great for your love life. There are all possibilities of blossoming the flower of your life. However, in the beginning of the year, curvature of Mercury in the Sagittarius amount can bring some bitterness in your voice, which can affect your relationship. But with some caution, you can overcome this situation, because it won’t be there for a prolonged time. At the end of January, the change of the zodiac lord Saturn will start for you. But its effects on your love life are likely to be normal. Although for some time you may be worried about your partner, but with your wisdom and conscience, you can overcome it.

There may be some negativity in Jupiter’s daughter-in-law in February, so you have to understand the importance of your relationships. Avoid making any decisions without thinking them through.

Mercury and Saturn will also be in April, but its effect on your love life is expected to be negligible. In June, if there is a bit of bitterness in relationships in the past, in the way of Jupiter, it can be overcome. In July, there can be some problems with the effect of Mars. But with your consciousness you can deal with this situation.

Ketu will enter your zodiac sign in September and Jupiter will also enter Libra in September itself, this time can be lucky for every area of ​​your life, especially due to the influence of Jupiter. The issues with wedding of unmarried lovers may be resolved effectively.

At the end of October, the zodiac lord Shani will return to Sagittarius. Your love life is expected to be good for a long time. Buying your home or car this year can also bring a new excitement in your love life.

This year, the program to go on a long journey with a life partner can also be memorable for you. On the whole, you can say that your love life can be exciting in 2019, provided that you do not bring it upon yourself.

Health case 2019 may be a little worrisome for you. This year you can increase your chances of getting diseases of head, eyes, ears, mouth etc. In the beginning of the year, due to curvature in the sagittal amount of Mercury, there may be a need to restrain your speech. At the end of January you will start the first half year of Saturn, but due to being the zodiac lord of Saturn, it can expect to be positive overall.

In February, due to Jupiter’s curvature in Virgo, you may be complaining of stomach disorders. At this time it is important for you to pay special attention to your diet. The effect of Saturn and Wakri Jupiter can increase mental stress, but it can also be controlled  with understanding and patience.

Mercury, Venus and Saturn will occur in April, but its effects on you will remain normal, but Jupiter’s influence can continue to worry about health. As soon as Jupiter will be in June, your health can improve.

In July, coming into the cancerous region of Mars can affect your mental health. Due to some opponents, your mental stress can also increase. But you can afford the strength to handle these situations. Especially support and cooperation of older brothers or a particular friend can contribute to your health’s improvement.

In September, the transformation of Rahu-Ketu and Jupiter can have a negative impact on your health. Actually if Ketu enters your zodiac at this time, then the fifth eye of Jupiter will fall on your zodiac, which is not good for your body. Ketu and Jupiter are expected to be beneficial in other areas but with the influence of Ketu many times may be accompanied by snakebite, so this can be worrying for you. To avoid this, worship Shiva Shankar, Lord Shiva.

In October, Saturn will again come back into the sagittal amount so that your health might fluctuate.

It is advisable for you to know that in 2019, to solve the negative effects of other planets including Shani Dev, solve problems by consulting scholars and astrologers.

Sometimes we need to spend some money to increase our standard of living, and for personal satisfaction, but it might be seen by others as unnecessary shedding of money. You can have both conditions in 2019 but it will depend on what you choose. At the beginning of the year, curvature of Mercury in Sagittarius can bring opportunities to earn profit but the situation here will be similar to gambling, so it is better to not take any kind of interest at this time. At the same time, in the end of January, with the zodiac change of the zodiac sign, the first phase of the first half of the year will begin. Although this year’s change of Saturn is expected to be beneficial for you. You might buy a house or a vehicle, or perhaps some property. It is advisable for you to spend money on things you think is important because health costs can also increase.

In February, having a sickness in the daughter of Jupiter can increase your unnecessary expenses, which can be a matter of concern.

Mercury and Venus may not affect your condition in April, but due to Saturn’s recovery, decreasing your profit, Jupiter’s continuity can be an increase in your expenditure.

There may also be some improvements in your financial situation when Jupiter’s route in June, but the main changes in which your all financial hardships will disappear can be expected in September. At this time, when you come to your zodiac and you are going to Jupiter’s bell, you are likely to get very fortunate. In the end of October, coming to Saturn in full swing is also likely to be good for your economic life.

Altogether, the person who has a fluctuation of the year can earn the profit. It is advisable to consult TC Sharma, in order to reduce economic losses in the year 2019, peace be restored with scholars from the jyotishcharyas for the peace of Shani. Try to avoid unnecessary expenses.

The beginning of the year 2019, in the case of Capricorn people can be a little disappointing, due to the emergence of Mercury in Sagittarius, you can get opportunities for change in your workplace, but there can be uncertainty of their stability, soit is advisable to think every decision through. By the end of January, the first phase of Saturn of Saturn is being initiated on you but it is expected to be fruitful for you. At this time, you can get success in your field of work.

Even in the daughter’s wealth of Jupiter in February, negative effects can be found on your intellect, and you can make a wrong decision. Investment cannot be called auspicious for businessmen at this time.

By the time of June, it is possible to some fluctuations, but due to the path of Jupiter in June, your career is expected to be all right. Your performance at the workplace may be admirable. People wishing for a big post can get the desired position. Business is also expected to increase.

In July, as soon as Mars enters Cancer, an enemy or an opponent may try to overtake you, and may harm your position and prestige, but with a little caution and hard work, focus on your work. You can face this challenge.

In September, Rahu-Ketu will change the zodiac sign, Ketu will only enter your zodiac, due to which due to some difficulty in the initial period, it can bring great success in your career. With the combined influence of Ketu and Jupiter, you are likely to have immense success in every field of careers. In October, Saturn’s return to Sagittarius can be called an auspicious sign for your career.

But if the body is healthy then you can work with full energy by taking your mind, your health can be a big challenge for your career this year, so do not take it lightly. To avoid the negative effects of planets, consult TC Sharma, a renowned astrologer, and take necessary measures.